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FOSOTO 28 Inches Premium Gold Half Moon Lash Light

FOSOTO 28 Inches Premium Gold Half Moon Lash Light

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  • * This golden color is very high-end and beautiful. I believe your high-end beauty salon needs this lamp very much. It is shining with gold, and your customers will definitely be amazed

    * Its patented touch control panel with the option to save your settings,remember your color temperature and brightness.

    * We use more advanced stainless steel materials for production, which are more advanced than aluminum alloy and iron

    * Equipped with adjustable stand and phone clip,can adjust the height according to your need more convenient for your daily use.

  • features
    Patented Touch design】 The unique patented touch design of Fosoto is the biggest highlight. It unique memony function will remember the brightness and color temperature commonly used during work. When you turn off and turn on the light again, you can use it without adjusting it , which greatly reduces the problem of frequently adjusting the button and causing the light to not light up.
    Bi-Color Temperature】3200K-5600K adjustable color temperature, Adjusting brightness and color temperature with figures, More advanced and aesthetically pleasing, which can meet you needs of light in different usage conditions.
    350°ratate lamp head】Special 350° lamp head rotation prevents the lamp head from falling off when the 360° rotation is excessive 350° rotation effectively solves the problem of lamp head falling off.
    Adjustable stand】The stand can be freely adjusted from 101cm/39.7 inch to 171cm/67.3 inch, with a convenient and flexible design to meet the needs of different heights in your daily work.
  • 【High CRI】Featuring high-quality lamp beads with high CRI≥95, it will not emit excessively dazzling or uncomfortable glare, which can harm and fatigue your eyes,you will receive a high-quality image or video with our light, as our high standard lamp beads will make your image brighter and more colorful.



    Brand: FOSOTO

    Color: white black pink

    Brightness: stepless dimmer

    CRI: RA>95

    Power; 45W

    Illuminance: 2500LM

    LED quantity: 320pcs

    Lamp size:70cm/28 inch

    Color temperature: 3200k-5600k

    Material: aluminum alloy and ABS

    Packing size: 89*41*10cm

    Weight: 6.9kg

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